All about Phthalates and Fragrance
April 04, 2016

All about Phthalates and Fragrance

In this post you will learn all about Phthalates and Fragrance, and why you should eliminate them from your life as much as possible. Phthalates (actually pronounced thal-ates) are a group of chemicals in a gajillion of products in your home. Concerns have been raised about phthalates because studies have found a link between phthalates and thyroid hormone levels in humans, and between phthalates and male reproductive health.

Phthalates can be found all over your house because they are in almost every product AND THEY ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BE LISTED ON THE INGREDIENT LIST.Most often, phthalates are disguised under the word "fragrance".

All about phthalates and fragrance

They are so widely used it's nearly impossible to eliminate them from your life, but there are some steps to reduce your exposure by eliminating products from your life. No doubt, this is difficult and daunting at first but if you do it slowly you can gradually take this toxin out of your home. The first step I took was to eliminate the products that said the word "fragrance" on them. If there wasn't a full ingredient list, I searched for it.

Try to find at least 2 cleaning products that have "fragrance" as an ingredient. The problem you may run into is finding label ingredients for some of your household cleaners. You will definitely need to look on the internet for these. Search for: "Tide ingredients". The ingredient lists are out there, but most companies try to hide them.

Did you find that any of the products you gathered happened to be air fresheners? We'll learn ways to replace your air fresheners next time. I hope you've learned all about phthalates and fragrance and have a better understanding why it's important to stop using them.

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