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How Liquid Soap is Made at MamaSuds®

Posted on June 05 2016

How I Make Liquid Castile Soap (from scratch)

Originally this video on how liquid soap (castile soap) is made at MamaSuds® was created in the summer of 2015. It is the highest viewed post ever on our blog! 

Two things I learned while making this video. 1) My blender made a lot more noise on the video than it does in person. Sometimes the blender is heard over my voice, but I promise I don't say anything life changing. 2) I say the word AND too much. Which is better than saying the word UM, but I am aware of it and I'll try to practice. <---- I call myself out on this only because I KNOW someone else will :).  So if you are into soap making, want to see what goes into making MamaSuds® Castile Soap- which is in the Body Wash, Hand Soap, Pet Shampoo, All Purpose Cleaner and Laundry Soap. It's the very first MamaSuds® product.  Grab your popcorn and your Junior Mints, it's a nail biter! How to make liquid castile soap....


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