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DIY Baby Wipe Solution

baby wipes DIY Methylisothiazolinone wipes

Do your baby wipes have methylisothiazolinone (sometimes abbreviated as MI) in them? It's a preservative that can cause an allergic reaction in some people and it's not always instant, meaning you could be using a product for a fairly long time and then BAM! allergic reaction.

Looking for an all-natural baby wipe alternative that is easy and inexpensive? You need an old wipes container or a reusable wetbag, thin washcloths (or cut up some old t-shirts!), a teensy squirt of MamaSuds Castile Soap and you are done! Add a few drops of lavender to help soothe skin or tea tree oil. All natural and nontoxic! I usually make the solution first, swish it around and then dump the cloth wipes in.... I used to be diligent about folding, but with a one year old who likes to "help" and two other kids- well, I usually dump them in now! This makes your wipes free of:

DIY Wipe Solution

Skip the store bought throw-away wipes and try reusable ones!

The safest ready made wipes are Water Wipes and can be found on Amazon, but they are a pretty penny. 

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