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Digging Deep: How to Deep Clean Your Messiest Rooms

Posted on March 06 2018

Even the tidiest person can lose track and end up with a messy room. And even when we do make sure we are tidying up regularly, dirt and dust can gather in the corners and other overlooked areas of our house. So now that it's Springtime, let's deep clean until our house is pristine! Here are a few steps to deep clean any room in your house.



The first step is to tidy up and declutter any space you want to tackle. If the room is very messy, this step can be daunting, but don't worry. Break the room into small sections, getting each one clean and organized before moving on to the next. Clean off shelves and cabinets and reorganize them, then weed out anything you haven't used in a long time. You can also organize your drawers, because we all have that one drawer that tends to collect junk. Make different piles for things you plan to keep, throw away, or move to another place.



This step should be taken on from top to bottom. The ceiling, shelves, and higher up areas should be first. Use a pole duster to catch any cobwebs and dust that have built up in the corners. Wipe any fan blades or light fixtures off using a dusting cloth or damp paper towels Move on to the walls and don't forget the top of picture frames and other items hanging on the wall. Now you need to do the tops of tables, counters, etc. Remember to move items that are sitting on the surface, so you can get under them. Now you can move on to vacuuming. Vacuum or sweep the floor, moving any furniture to get underneath. Use the brush attachment of your vacuum to clean curtains/drapes and other window coverings and try a dry vacuum system for hardwood or linoleum floor surfaces.


Step 3: CLEAN

Now is the time to get out the spray cleaners and go to town. Wipe down all horizontal surfaces and clean the windows. Take care to check for sticky spots in any place food is served or prepared. Use an appropriate cleaner for each type of surface you are cleaning, such as a glass cleaner on windows and mirrors, and wood furniture cleaner on wood. Use bleach sparingly, as it can be harsh on certain surfaces.


These steps should generally help you take any room in your house from the messiest state into one of cleanliness. Deep cleaning may take a few hours, but the results are well worth the effort and it doesn't need to be done too often. So sit back, and enjoy your nice clean room!


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