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How To Get Rid of Red Wine Stains

Posted on December 23 2016

Red wine stains are one of the worst things you can spill on your carpet, am I right? 

Red Wine Carpet Stain

We had a great afternoon at my grandma's drinking wine, enjoying each other's company and baking Christmas cookies. There was a left over glass of red wine (half full) sitting on the island when someone knocked it to the floor. The first question is, why was there leftover wine in the first place? I had already left so I can't answer that, I just know it wasn't mine :) 

My aunt and grandma mopped it up and I went over the next morning to remove it. This is how I did it: 

1. I took a bottle of MamaSuds® Castile Soap and squirted it straight on the carpet. I didn't measure but I spread it on like I would ketchup on a plate of hash browns...

2. Then I took the small carpet cleaner brush and rubbed it in (the machine was off). 

3. I then turned the machine on and sprayed the red wine stain with water and continued scrubbing. 

4. By this point the stain was gone, I spent the next 10 minutes spraying the stain and soaking up the soap. I did this until the soap was gone and the machine was just sucking up water. 


How to get rid of red wine carpet stains


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