October 22, 2020

How to Incorporate Green Living into Your Home Renovation

Green living has been an ongoing trend for years and doesn't appear to show signs of stopping. There is an increasing number of homeowners who are taking steps to incorporate green living into their homes. This often requires some degree of renovation. So how do you incorporate green living into your home renovation?

Achieve Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a hot topic for many homeowners. Not only does it help protect the environment, it also tends to lower utility bills. It's a win for everyone. To achieve greater energy efficiency in your home, consider things like your appliances, your lighting, your HVAC system, and your home's insulation. All of these will factor into the overall energy efficiency of your home. Which factors are applicable will depend on your renovation project. For example, according to Clockwork Builders, if you're adding a spare bedroom, you'll want to take lighting, heating, and insulation into consideration.

Use Recycled Materials

During your renovation project, consider using recycled materials to increase the environmental friendliness of your project. If your driveway needs some help, you might use recycled asphalt as your material of choice. According to Ark-La-Tex Paving, recycled asphalt is a more affordable and environmentally friendly material to use for your driveway. Aluminum is another very recyclable material. It can be a good option for adding a roof to a deck or patio. Just make sure to treat it to prevent rusting. If your project requires insulation, cellulose has a high recycled content and may be a good option.

Use Sustainable Materials

When it comes to sustainability, refinishing is the most sustainable option. That doesn't always work out though, so take a closer look at the materials you're using. Where did they come from? What is the production process like? This can help you get an idea of how sustainable the material is. Go for materials that are reclaimed, recycled, or easily renewed. According to Green Active Family, you should try to avoid those that have volatile organic compounds. Materials with VOCs, especially those with high levels, can have adverse impacts on health and air quality. This is even more concerning if they're found in areas that aren't well ventilated.

Incorporating green living into a home renovation isn't actually very difficult. Focus on achieving greater energy efficiency and try to select your materials from those that are recycled or sustainable. You can feel better knowing that you are taking action to take better care of the planet you live on.

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