Show Mom You Care With An Eco-Friendly Gift on Mother's Day
April 17, 2019

Show Mom You Care With An Eco-Friendly Gift on Mother's Day

Sixty-two percent of consumers in the U.S. and U.K. are buying eco-friendly products for a healthier life. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular among many cohorts, and moms are getting on board as much as anyone else. An eco-friendly gift may be just what your mom is hoping for this Mother’s Day.

A Plastic Free Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to start going eco-friendly and plastic free for so many reasons. Plastic may seem like a convenient tool for packaging food and more, but storing food in plastic containers causes small amounts of plastic to leach into the food, a process which is increased when exposed to heat or when the foods are fatty, salty or acidic. Not to mention the environmental impacts of single use and even reusable plastics. Fortunately, many reusable and eco friendly products exist to replace disposable kitchen plastic. Curating a little gift basket of eco-friendly kitchen items could be the perfect gift for a mom who loves to cook. Include items such as cloth grocery bags, beeswax food wraps, silicone ziplocs and a reusable mug or cold cup for on the go.

Green Luxury

So many mothers love receiving soothing self care products to thank them for all the hard work they do as moms. But many of our favorite luxury products include ingredients that can have adverse health and environmental effects. Paraffin based candles, according to researchers at South Carolina State University, will pollute indoor air with several toxic chemicals that can lead to respiratory problems. Beeswax and soy candles, however, do not contain the same chemicals, and can be burned safely without risk of health problems. Make a quick and easy sugar scrub in a reusable glass jar, and combine it with a book and a safe-to-burn and eco-friendly soy candle for a mom who’d like to put her feet up and read a good book more often.  

Sweet and Simple

Some of our mother’s are difficult to buy gifts for, but there’s almost nothing a mom appreciates more than a heartfelt and handwritten note from their child on Mother’s Day. Many companies now make plantable greeting cards made from recycled paper materials. Plant seeds are inserted directly into the paper so that once the note has been thoroughly appreciate, your loved one can plan it in their garden. The paper decomposes and a flower or vegetable grows in its place. Along with a sweet note, you can personalize a plantable card with a favorite fair trade chocolate bar or two, a potted plant, or maybe even an e-gift card to save paper and avoid buying something she might not use.  

Mothers work hard for their families every day, whether their children are small or all grown up. Make sure to show how much you appreciate her this Mother’s Day with a beautiful gift that protects both her health, and the earth that her children and grandchildren will inherit from her.  


contributed by Sally Preston