Smart Strategies For Managing Your First Home Or Apartment
February 24, 2023

Smart Strategies For Managing Your First Home Or Apartment

If you’re moving out for the first time, whether it’s to go to college or to simply spread your wings and fly, there are many things that you’ll learn over the coming months and years. Today, MamaSuds shares a couple of quick tips on how to budget, keep things clean, and more.


First, Money


One of the hardest parts about living by yourself for the first time is learning how to manage money. After all, up until now, you probably haven’t had a great deal of experience getting paid and watching your earnings fade away. Start by planning a budget. You have to know how much you have before you can know how much you can spend each month.


If you think you may fall short of being able to rent a home or apartment in a safe neighborhood, consider negotiating your rent. Realtor explains this may be possible if you don’t mind signing a longer lease and can prove that you’re a responsible future tenant.


Another important aspect of managing your money is looking for ways to avoid debt, which comes with interest rates, late fees, and potentially other penalties. The only real solution to staying out of debt is to spend within your limits, which, as asserted by the FindLaw blog, means avoiding impulse buys, comparing prices, and skipping anything that requires financing.


Do You Need A Roommate?


Having a roommate has a couple of different perks. These mostly include safety and budgeting. But you can’t just bring anyone into your space, and it pays to look deeper at anyone that volunteers to sleep under your roof. You can use a roommate vetting service or, ideally, work within your network. And remember, you won’t automatically get alongwith everyone; this type of relationship takes work like any other.


Getting organized.


Your home should be organized, but, more importantly, your documents have to be organized as well. Make sure to keep PDF files of everything from your rental agreement to your medical records. Keeping digital files helps you stay organized by reducing the actual paper you’ve got shoved in your desk. You may want to try PDFs if you’re already used to Microsoft products because they’re easy to rotate, edit, download, and share.

Adulting, AKA Cooking, And Cleaning


You knew this day would come. You have to learn how to do more than just pay the bills and keep yourself organized. It’s time to fire up the stove for a home-cooked meal and then put your gloves on, roll up your sleeves, and clean up after yourself. For cooking, start easy. While that might be a relative term, casseroles are usually fairly simple, even for beginners, and you can make a casserole out of chicken, sausage, beef, or any other base you prefer.


As for the cleaning, avoid the temptation to hit your local dollar store for cleaning supplies, which might be toxic. Instead, look for high-quality cleaning products that are safe and better for you. It can also help to create a cleaning schedule. You might, for example, do a load of laundry on Monday, clean the bathroom on Tuesday, and sweep and vacuum on Wednesday.


Safety And Security


Because you have to stay safe, look for accessories that will help you do so, even if you can’t change the locks. This might include security cameras, doorstops, or a wireless smart doorbell. You should also be diligent and make sure you’re not being followed, let someone that you trust know when you are home alone, and keep your lights on a timer for when you are not.


Having your first home or apartment is one of the greatest milestones of most young adults' lives. But, you have to learn how to do everything from managing money to organizing your files to cleaning without harsh chemicals. Trust that you will get there, and don’t be shy about using the tips above to give you a head start.