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This Mama's Story: Kate

Posted on September 08 2017

This is a blog series highlighting the amazing women who are living examples of the MamaSuds Manifesto.

How did you find MamaSuds in the first place? 
I found out about MamaSuds through my sister. A couple years ago for Christmas, she got me samples of the laundry soap, castile soap, and the age defying skin cream and I instantly wanted to place my own order and try other products. I think I literally ordered a few days after Christmas because I loved it so much and had to purchase more stuff!
What's your favorite MamaSuds Product? 
I love every product I have tried from MamaSuds honestly. I would have to say my most favorite product is the Castile soap. The lavender scent is my favorite. I use it for cleaning and bathing. It's so versatile! It's gentle enough to use on your skin yet tough enough for cleaning your house. I love the fact that I can keep a bottle of this in the shower and bathe with it and then I can clean the shower afterward if needed!
Kate B

What is your favorite thing about yourself? 
My favorite thing about myself is my resilience. Having the ability to overcome things and bounce back is not easy for everyone. You have to look for the good and let it outweigh the bad and keep moving forward!
What is your clean living tip?
My clean living tip is to start out slow. It can be a little overwhelming learning about everything. I was introduced to clean living about five years ago when I purchased an essential oil kit. The first things I eliminated were products like body wash and lotion etc. Another great way to start is sorting through your cleaning supplies. The internet can be a scary place to start out researching all things toxic, I would recommend looking into blogs where you can read about personal experiences and stories. I also find a lot of DIY non-toxic recipes and tips on blogs I have come across that I use in my home daily. A great app to download on your phone is "Think Dirty". You can scan products and it will explain the ingredients and show you how safe/toxic that product is, it's great!
What inspires you to live more sustainably?
All the stories and research I have come across and just the changes I have noticed in myself and my home inspires me to live more sustainably. I never knew much about clean living until I started using essential oils and it grew from there. It truly is eye opening when you take the time to research things you are using on your body and in your home. I try to keep learning on a daily basis so I can continue to live greener. I only hope that everyone will eventually choose to live this way. You will feel better and benefit from clean living I promise. I would never go back!



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