This Mama's Story: Tara
November 02, 2017

This Mama's Story: Tara

This is a blog series highlighting the amazing women who are living examples of the MamaSuds Manifesto.

How did you find MamaSuds in the first place? 
I found out about Mamasuds from a natural Facebook group. Someone had asked about more natural cleaners and Mamasuds was mentioned. So I went right to the website and loved what I saw!!
What's your favorite MamaSuds Product? 
Honestly I have fallen in love with all products for all their different abilities. The all purpose cleaner smells amazing and I love to spray it around the house just because. The body wash is something I can wash my kids in the bath and not cringe about what I'm washing them with. The castle soap we use for washing hands. The detergent I'm not wondering if it will cause a breakout for my daughter. Or behavior issues. It's been nice not to worry.
This Mama's Story: Tara
What is your favorite thing about yourself? 
This is really hard for me to answer. I try to be positive about everything. When we have issues with my daughter breaking out for no reason it feels like we take one step forward to only get knocked three steps back. I've learned to look at it positively and instead look to the good. Running late? Maybe it is a good thing. You could have missed getting hit.  Or getting pulled over. Looking at the positive spin helps not getting overwhelmed in the negative.
What is your clean living tip?
Just do what you can do. Don't get overwhelmed with what you aren't doing. We are all in different stages. Because of my daughter we can't have anything with gluten, dyes, sodium much of my journey has been out of the necessity of cleaning up our day to day products. I still have plastic Tupperware. I'm a work in progress.
What inspires you to live more sustainably?
My kids. My daughter is so sensitive to everything I have to read ingredients on  everything. It is nice that I can trust in the Mamasuds brand and support a small business.
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