Why Business Owners Need to Put Self-Care on Their To-Do List
January 09, 2023

Why Business Owners Need to Put Self-Care on Their To-Do List

Self-care is important for business owners, but it’s easy to forget self-care or feel like you have no time for it when you are constantly rushing to keep up with the demands of business management. This is why creating a better work-life balance can be crucial to a personal self-care regimen.


You have to carve out time and space for yourself to do the things that keep you feeling your best, even when it seems impractical or impossible to do so. Here are a few ideas from MamaSuds about how to do that.


Yes, You Definitely Need Self-Care


If you’re reading this thinking, “I can do without self-care,” you may have a misguided understanding of self-care. To get a better idea of what it is, it’s helpful to clarify what it is not: self-care is not an indulgence, splurging, or reward. Rather, Life Works notes that it has to do with tending to your own very real and legitimate needs so you can be your best self, thrive as well as possible, and fulfill your responsibilities to your loved one and your community. Pursuing self-care means taking responsibility for your wellness.


Achieving Better Work-Life Balance


The conundrum for the busy entrepreneur is that you know you’ll be a better manager, as well as a happier person, if you make time for self-care regularly. But there’s always something that seems more urgent on your to-do list. So having a better work-life balance will open the door to a better self-care regimen.


One of the most important things you can do to achieve a better work-life balance is to create boundaries between your business life and your personal life. Another is to stay organized, keep clutter to a minimum, and stick to a schedule so you make the most of your work hours and have time left to yourself. It’s also important to learn to delegate responsibility, suggests Harley Therapy. This may sometimes mean hiring employees or freelancers to perform tasks you aren’t well-equipped to do or don’t have time for.


One way to take some things off your plate mentally is to organize your business structure in a more helpful way. A limited liability company (LLC), for example, can simplify your tax obligations and reduce your exposure to personal liability. Filing the necessary paperwork to form an LLC can be tricky, but a formation company can make the process of filling an LLC in Michigan quick and easy. They’ll walk you through the major steps and have your LLC legally filed in minutes.


The Importance of Simplifying Your Tasks


If you feel you are constantly rushing around with no time to relax or recharge, you may need to figure out whether you can simplify some of your tasks or master new time-saving techniques. You can save time and simplify your work by transitioning to digital as much as possible. This means your apps and software will do much of your work for you, and you won’t be chasing paperwork around all the time.


One way to simplify tasks is to digitize your documents. PDFs have become the standard format for document sharing and exchange, due to their many advantages. PDFs are universally viewable, meaning they can be opened and read by anyone, regardless of what device or software they are using. This makes PDFs ideal for sharing documents online, as there is no need to worry about compatibility issues. If you’re concerned about making changes to a PDF, you can use a PDF editor tool to edit a PDF online. Personally, we use Canvas PDF Editor, it's easy to use and we use Canva throughout our company. This is especially helpful for making notes or highlighting important information.


Easy Self-Care Rituals for Work and Home


Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Little practices that take barely any time out of your day, such as five minutes of yoga or meditation, can make a real difference. Fitting in an exercise session is also important. Even a short workout will help you feel better and improve your overall wellness, so try to get in three to four high-intensity workouts per week. Before purchasing any equipment, be sure to read unbiased reviews online to get a sense of which products will work best for you. Also, do what you can to optimize your home for wellness, avoiding negativity and self-criticism as much as possible.  

Although self-care doesn’t have to be indulgent, it can be - and there is nothing to apologize about if you partake. Getting a massage may seem unnecessary, but not only will a good massage allow you to relax, it will also reduce inflammation and pain, as well as boost your immune system. Establishing a skin care routine and getting facials can also leave you refreshed.

Once you make self-care a habit, you will begin to see a positive change in both your work and your personal life. This will be more easily accomplished once you have learned to set aside time for yourself. Make a point of simplifying your projects at work for better efficiency and better work-life balance so self-care can become a part of your daily ritual.


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