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Why all natural and not organic?

Organic is best. But unfortunately it is not affordable for everyone. When I first started this journey of reading labels I could not afford to buy all organic food, soap, and skincare. The problem I had was that “all natural” products in the store and online were not what I defined as all natural. So I set out to make the latter two myself. It started with two products (Castile and Laundry Soap) and I then made products for my family, friends, and listened to what you the customer wanted and needed. The MamaSuds Product list has grown to over 40! Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it is incredibly absorbent. I don’t make anything that uses ingredients that are artificial, synthetic, or toxic. I won’t make anything I wouldn’t use on myself or my family. My goal is to provide you with truly affordable all natural products for you and your home.


Can I use MamaSuds Laundry Soap on my cloth diapers?

Yes! MamaSuds Laundry Soap was created out of a necessity of my own- I was in love with cloth diapers (environmentally and financially) but the hassle of having to strip my diapers and cringing at the site of my poor baby’s burnt bum was about the end of it. I could not find a cloth diaper safe detergent that didn’t burn my daughter’s skin. MamaSuds Laundry Soap is safe for cloth diapers because it rinses clean without leaving any residue. This residue that most detergents leave builds up on the fabric, causing it to stop absorbing the very stuff you’re trying to catch. Here is a MamaSuds BLOG post about using MamaSuds Laundry Soap with cloth diapers. 


Is MamaSuds Laundry Soap safe for my baby?

Absolutely. Because it rinses clean (no residue), nothing is left on the fabric to rest on your baby’s skin. The laundry detergent marketed toward babies has a lot of synthetic fragrance that is left on the fabric. This might smell nice, but your skin absorbs it.


Is there lye in your soap?

In order to make soap you need just three ingredients: water (or other liquid), fat and lye. If you want a bar soap you use sodium hydroxide and if you want to make a liquid soap you use potassium hydroxide. When you mix them together they go through a chemical reaction called saponification. So in the end of the mixing and, in the case of MamaSuds® soap, all the cooking you are left with soap. Real soap. So yes lye was used to make MamaSuds® soaps, but is there any lye in the final product? No. By the very definition, soap is not soap unless lye was used to make it (liquid or bar).


Sometimes my product doesn’t look, smell, or feel the same as it did the last time I ordered…. did you change the recipe?

The recipe I use for each product is exactly the same each time I make it. I make each product in small batches by hand. I buy the very best ingredients from various vendors depending on the price and quality. Sometimes I buy Lavender from Moldova over the Lavender from the USA (some people can decipher the difference is lavender from different regions) because the quality and/or price is better. Sometimes the local beekeeper has better beeswax than the organic beeswax I can get from California (the color is significantly different). Products have different textures and smells and sometimes even color depending on where it comes from. The ingredient properties and benefits do NOT change. Time of year and temperature will influence how the product arrives at your doorstep too.


I ordered castile soap a few months ago and it was really thick and this time it wasn’t as thick.

I make castile soap the same way every time, but humidity plays a big factor in the viscosity of liquid castile soap. I have a digital pH meter and only sell the castile soap with the pH is between 9 and 9.5. So even if your castile soap is really thick or less so, you are getting the same product each time. The viscosity might be different, but you do not need any more or less because of it. Most companies will dilute the soap to a certain viscosity and then add an ingredient, like citric acid, to bring the pH of the soap down. MamaSuds will not add unnecessary ingredients to thicken the soap.


Can you make custom orders?

Do you need something without a specific ingredient? Need favor gifts for a shower or office party? We can do that! Please contact us at


Do you do wholesale orders?

Yes! Please send us ( an email for wholesale inquiries.


Do you have a storefront?

No, but we have our products in a few stores around Genesee County so send me an email and I can give you directions!