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Germs Away™ Essential Oil Blend

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Germs Away™ Essential Oil Blend

Use: This concentrated blend of pure essential oils can be diluted for topical uses*. You can also use this in your hand soap (don't use on your face, it will burn your eyes), homemade hand-sanitizers & cleaners as a safe alternative to harmful antibacterial ingredients like triclosan or bleach. Diffuse neat (without a carrier oil). 

*Cinnamon and clove are considered "hot" oils and should be diluted with care. 1-2 drops per teaspoon of carrier oil (like grapeseed, safflower, vegetable or olive oil) for topical applications like the bottoms of feet and down the spine.

1 fluid ounce (30 mL)

ingredients: pure essential oils of Clove Bud, organic Cinnamon leaf, Lemon, Eucalyptus radiata, and Rosemary 1 ounce (30 mL)

Cautions: This blend should be used in dilution with a carrier oil (like grapeseed or safflower), and be avoided during pregnancy. MamaSuds shall not be held responsible for any damages to property or for any adverse physical effects (including injury or bodily harm) caused by insufficient knowledge or the improper use of a product. Not for ingesting.

Eucalyptus radiata is considered safe for children but aromatherapists recommend that peppermint not to be used on children under the age of 3.

We follow the guidelines listed in the link above. 

MamaSuds is cruelty free certified by Peta