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Skin Serum with Rosehip Seed oil

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Delicate triad of oils to help defy aging, scarring and promote healing.

MamaSuds Skin Serum is used directly after skin cleansing and before any moisturizer is applied. For best results use with MamaSuds Anti-Aging Cream. Rosehip Seed Oil has a non-greasy, oil-free feel, and is used to moisturize skin, face and neck; helps reduce the look of premature aging, soothes, and moisturizes mature skin, and helps formation of scar tissue.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil is an antioxidant and can reduce the look of damage done to your tissues; it can’t turn back time but it can help you look younger and more radiant. Frankincense Essential Oil is great for skin care and nearly everything related to skin; burns, rashes, cuts, scrapes, and oozing sores. It’s also fabulous for mature, prematurely aging, and environmentally challenged skin.

10 mL glass roller

ingredients: rosehip seed oil (Rosa canina), frankincense essential oil (Boswellia carterii), carrot seed essential oil (Daucus carota)

use: This blend of oils is in a 10 mL glass bottle with a roller ball for convenience and to help reduce waste. Apply topically on areas of concern on a daily basis. 

MamaSuds is cruelty free certified by Peta