2018 New Year's Theme: Grow
January 10, 2018

2018 New Year's Theme: Grow

Last week I wrote a blog post called Forget the New Year's Resolutions. So now for this year's theme! 

Why do I pick a theme? It's living with intention and purpose. Building new habits and working toward a goal. Last year's theme of Strength isn't being left behind- the habits I developed last year focusing on strength are a part of my everyday life now. 

MamaSuds Grow

My theme this year is to GROW. My goal is to grow mentally- to do something different outside of my children and business. I have something in the works but it's not ready to be birthed just yet 😀. I am very excited about it! 

MamaSuds has grown exponentially over the years and I'm ready to get it into stores and grow even more. I've set really high sales goals and I am working on reaching out to boutiques all over the nation that would fit as a retail store to carry MamaSuds. 

It's the year of growth and I am excited to settle into 2018 with my Growth Mindset! 


Did you set yourself a theme for the year?