castile laundry soap
April 29, 2022

Benefits of Using Castile Soap in Your Laundry Soap

castile soap laundry detergent

Castile soap is a biodegradable, non-toxic soap made from vegetable oils. It gets its name from the Castilian region of Spain, where it was first made using olive oil.

Castile soap can come in liquid or bar form. It is extremely effective because it has free-floating charged atoms that attract grease, dirt, and germs. Also, since it uses all-natural ingredients, it is easy on the skin and safe to use around kids, pets, and food products.

Castile soap laundry detergent is useful for cleaning clothes because it combines its gentle-on-skin properties with powerful dirt-grabbing abilities.


Why Castile Soap Will Upgrade Your Detergent

Castile soap laundry detergent is not your typical washing machine additive, but it is as easy to use as store-bought clothes cleaners. You can add a grated bar or liquid Castile soap to your machine for a wash cycle. However, the fluid option is more convenient for most people.

Because it is made from natural ingredients, Castile soap laundry detergent does not release any synthetic compounds, chemicals, or other unwanted substances into your laundry. These additives are what cause skin irritation for some people. It also means that Castile soap is safe for clothes. 

Some people may ask why you shouldn't use Castile soap for laundry. This is a valid question because sometimes natural cleaners are not as effective as synthetic options. However, effectiveness is not a problem for Castile soap. Its free-floating atoms attract dirt and allow the washing machine to rinse it away easily.

This natural chemistry also makes Castile soap laundry detergent a good pre-treatment option for stains. You can rub a few drops directly into the stain before a wash cycle. 

In addition, Castile soap is eco-friendly. It won't release synthetic compounds into the ground or water. You can dispose of it without worrying about harming the environment, and it doesn't contain perfumes or additives that could affect the air quality in your home. 

castile soap laundry soap


Why Castile Soap Is a Baby's Best Friend

Castile soap derives its cleansing power from natural plant-based oils. In addition to anti-dirt and antibacterial properties, it can also soothe skin by adding moisture to it.

These traits make it the best option for washing babies' clothes. Here is a closer look at why Castile soap can be a baby's best friend when it comes to skin health.

  • No sulfates. Synthetic and animal-oil-based soaps use sulfates to create a lather when mixed with water. However, Castile soap lathers naturally, so it does not need this potentially irritating additive.
  • Helps to eliminate skin irritation. Castile soap has oleuropein, an antibacterial compound that keeps pores clean without irritating or drying out the skin. It also lacks perfumes, which can cause skin irritation and affect sensitive respiratory systems. 
  • Naturally hydrating. With brand-name detergents, glycerin is filtered out during the manufacturing process. On the other hand, Castile soap retains its glycerin. Why is this important? Glycerin absorbs water from the surrounding air, helping skin stay naturally moisturized.
  • Helps with common skin disorders. Castile soap can help ease the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, and other skin disorders because it does not contain chemicals or clog pores. Its antibacterial properties can also be useful in helping babies avoid certain rashes. 

People also ask about the effectiveness of cleaners. Some may have had a negative experience with a natural detergent. The primary difference between Castile soap and many less-effective natural cleaners is that it can provide the same power level as manufactured detergents. It can even offer full cleaning power in a modern, high-efficiency washing machine.


What Are Good Sources for Castile Soap Laundry Detergent?

Castile soap stands out from brand-name detergents because it is biodegradable and chemical-free. Also, it bonds effectively with dirt and grease, does not irritate, and can increase moisture in your skin.

The benefits of Castile soap laundry detergent are contingent on using the right mixture. You also need to ensure that you only use quality soap.

Mama Suds provides a range of Castile soap household cleaning products. We also offer a detergent mixture made especially for washing clothes in a modern, high-efficiency machine. This olive oil-based soap has no chemical additives and uses essential oils and other natural ingredients to enhance its cleaning power.

Take the first step toward switching to Castile soap by visiting an established vendor like MamaSuds and browsing their detergent products. When shopping with Mama Suds, you can be sure that you are getting natural soaps that will deliver the health and cleaning benefits you need.