Big Dreams + A New Look
August 11, 2017

Big Dreams + A New Look

Big Dreams + A New Look

 New MamaSuds Look 

It's been 8 months of hard work and late nights, but the time is finally here to tell you our big news: MamaSuds is getting a makeover!

We are really excited about our new look and we hope you love it too. Why the new look? Well, a year ago I had a big dream: to bring our products closer to you. I reached out to hundreds of stores, send countless samples all over the country, and heard a common theme when I asked for feedback: "We love your products, but your packaging doesn't match the aesthetic of our customers."

At first I was confused. What? What does that mean? I researched and read and decided I needed help. So I hired Lela Barker from Lucky Break Consulting to guide me through rebranding MamaSuds. 

I am not going to lie. It was really hard. But the end result is stunning and beautiful. 

In the upcoming days, I will be sharing our rebrand story and the new look with you. If you'd like to get sneak peeks and news then I invite you to join our mailing list HERE