Can castile soap ruin your washer
June 30, 2018

Can Soap ruin my Clothes or Washer?


Laundry is based on science. You need something that cleans. Sure, it's not black and white, our water systems are so different from region to region making laundry hit or miss for many people. What works for you may not work for my household. But there is still science behind it. Salts and minerals soften water and do crazy scientific and ionic things to help the soap or surfactants do their thing- which is getting the dirt out of your laundry. 

If you're here on this site, you're probably trying to find a more earth-conscious company to wash with. If you've turned to Facebook groups you have probably heard many people claim that soap-based laundry products don't work and can ruin your machine and your clothes. They claim all soap-based laundry products leave behind a residue.


Many soap makers create soaps (both liquid and bar) that have extra fat in them. This is called superfatting. In the end, it creates a product that has extra fat that has been left behind during saponification. The thought is that these extra fats make a soap that is more moisturizing and emollient (soothing and softening). 

MamaSuds does not superfat their liquid soap. Why? Many people who have skin issues react to anything left behind from soap. 

Creating a liquid soap that is zero superfat also means it won't leave any oils behind during cleaning. Which is great news for people who need a laundry soap that does not leave a residue behind! This is a link to a great explanation of superfatting soaps. 

MamaSuds DOES work for all types of clothes (including cloth diapers). If you've read this article about how DIY laundry recipes ruin your washer (and yes they CAN if you aren't using the right soap!), you can use MamaSuds Castile Soap as you soap in your DIY recipe!