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How to Clean your Washing Machine

Posted on December 27 2016

No you do NOT need a special cleaner for that! 

Have you looked at the upper rim of your washing machine drum? Mine was pretty gross. I don't even know what prompted me to look there, but I caught a glimpse of it and immediately felt the need to clean it. How does all that gook get there? My washing machine is just over a year old and has never been clean. My previous washing machine was just over 7 years old and I never even thought to look at the drum to check for gunk. Yikes!

how to clean your washing machine

Isn't that gross? First I took a wet washcloth and put a squirt of laundry soap on it and scrubbed it. Then I thought I was going to have break out an old toothbrush or the cotton swabs. I really didn't want to get that crazy with it so I grabbed some scissors to jam my washcloth into the knicks, crannies and ridges. It did the trick!how to clean your washing machine
I then took a dry washcloth and poured some vinegar on it and wiped it all down until it was all sparkly.

how to clean your washing machine

Now my washing machine drum is nice a clean! Try it :) 


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