Keeping Your Waste Disposal Clean And Green
August 13, 2018

Keeping Your Waste Disposal Clean And Green

Keeping Your Waste Disposal Clean And Green

With 7 million new shipments each year, the waste disposal unit is an essential part of an American kitchen. From 20 somethings to suburban families, everyone relies on this nifty appliance to get rid of their waste easily and effectively. It can be a major pain when it suddenly refuses to work. Fortunately, you can easily prevent a waste disposal unit from running into these issues. To keep your unit running smoothly, all that you need are a few cleaning tips that are also easy to follow.

What not to put in the disposal

One of the simplest ways to maintain cleanliness of a waste disposal unit is to only “feed” it things that it could process easily. Ensure that you understand the ground rules about what to put in the unit and what to dispose outside of it. By adopting this simple practice, you can make sure that the unit functions issue free. Knowing what to put down the unit will not only keep it running well but will also maintain its long-term hygiene. Items such as coffee grounds and potatoes can stick to the disposal pipe, where they cause a gradual buildup of bacteria. This can also clog your kitchen sink through the disposal unit. Therefore, whatever you do, try not to put such items in the unit.

Use the disposal only when you absolutely need to

The popularity of waste disposal units has a major reason behind it. Since you can dispose of leftover food and save it from going to landfills, the idea catches the attention of those of us who want to be as eco-friendly as possible. But while you may be doing this with the thought of helping the environment, these units actually do more harm than good. Try using them only when going to the recycle bin is not an option. It will not just be friendly to the environment, but will also keep the unit in its best shape due to moderate usage.


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Develop a cleaning routine to maintain your unit

Following stringent rules on what to process through the waste disposal unit and how frequently to use it will go a long way. However, you will still need to keep the unit cleaned to ensure that you are not working on a germ infested sink. To achieve the desired level of hygiene, you can use everyday staples from your pantry such as vinegar, baking soda, and salt to keep your waste disposal unit pristine.

Lastly, do not forget to keep regular checks scheduled with a plumber every few months. This practice will help you eliminate any problems before they become too big to handle. These few methods will not just keep unwanted smells at bay while also maintaining the hygiene of your waste disposal unit, but can help keep your drain running smoothly for a long time.


 Contribution by freelance writer Sally Preston