The Hazards of Bleach
October 25, 2022

The Hazards of Bleach

Hello, My name is Michelle C. Smith and I am formally addicted to bleach. I used it in my laundry and I used on every one of my hard surfaces. I was convinced it kept my family healthy. From the research I have done on germs (partly to help my germaphobia), I have learned germs help our autoimmune system become stronger. I have also read so much about the horrible impact bleach and its manufacturing process has on our environment. 

Dioxins- have you ever heard of them? They are one of the most toxic chemicals known to our planet. 

Without giving you a boring chemistry lesson... "Dioxins are a group of chemically-related compounds that are persistent environmental pollutants" and they are a by-product of the manufacturing of bleach. Do dioxins cause cancer. YES. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, dioxins are a "multigrain carcinogen in animals. Target organs include the liver, thyroid, lung, skin, and soft tissues." That sounds scary. And it is, because dioxins are found in our food. More than 90% of human exposure is through food. It's mostly found in our meat. dairy, fish and shellfish. 

Bleach is hazardous to our health and our environment

Ditch Bleach!

Bleach is caustic and corrosive. But the real problem is how it's made. Bleach manufacturers often release the solution in water and other industrial waste. It eventually gets in the water system which harms aquatic life and can mix with other organic compounds and create more harmful toxins.  

Bleach is in or contributes to the manufacturing of about 15,000 products. It's a big deal. So let's stop using it. 

It's hard to read about ideas and facts that make us question what we thought to be true. When I first started reading about all this information more than 15 years ago, it made me start questioning a lot of what I thought was the truth. It’s hard for some people to question things.  It makes you question more things. It has a domino effect. I find that once people learn about the real harmful effects that bleach has on us as people, as a human race, on our ecological system.... they change a lot of other aspects of their lives. It can be frightening. I don't even think that word captures the true feeling, but it's hard to think about how some tiny chemicals can wreak havoc on our environment and nobody seems to be talking about it. 

How does this information about bleach and how it affects us make YOU feel? 

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