The Surprising Way to a Clean Oven Without Fumes
June 26, 2016

The Surprising Way to a Clean Oven Without Fumes

I have recently found my internet doppelgänger.

Meet Carol Trimmer: she is the blogger and co-owner of Pure Living Space where she helps "people create safe and healthy homes (pure living spaces) with simple tips, science-based advice and a bit of humor kicked in. It shouldn't be hard to live well."

Sounds like we are cut from the same cloth doesn't it? She is super smart and loves research and evidence- and she recently wrote this article on cleaning your oven without the fumes. Which, to be honest, I have the world's grossest oven. Seriously. MamaSuds has a dirty oven. I can't wait to try what she suggests to do and show you my results. Anyways... Here is said article. Enjoy! -Michelle


The Surpassing Way to Clean your oven without fumes

You may think that using the self-cleaning setting on your oven is a great idea because you’re simply heating up the oven and not using any cleaners. Unfortunately, when your oven reaches over 600 degrees, it can start emitting nasty fumes. These fumes can be from your oven’s interior coating off-gassing or residual food burning and releasing carbon monoxide. Neither is good. While it is well documented that pet birds can be killed from self-cleaning oven fumes, it’s unclear how toxic the fumes are to humans, with the exception of carbon monoxide. Why risk it? You know when you use the self-cleaning feature, your house fills with fumes that last for hours. Do you really want to breathe that? What should you do instead?

How to Get a Clean Oven Without Fumes

You can clean your oven easily by following these simple steps. Very little elbow grease is involved, really!

Fill the bottom of your oven with an even layer of baking soda. Pour white vinegar over the baking soda. You’ll hear bubbling as the soda and vinegar react. This is the sound of cleaning taking place in your oven without any effort from you.

Close the oven door and wait for three to five hours. Wait longer for greasier messes.

Then, wipe up the vinegar and soda with an absorbent towel. You might have one or two areas to work on, but it won’t be much.

It’s a bit like magic. Plus, no awful fumes.

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