What Does Clean Smell Like?
January 30, 2023

What Does Clean Smell Like?

Cleanliness doesn't need to be associated with any particular scent. For many years, people have been conditioned to think that if something is "clean," it should have a strong, fragrant smell. Companies have sold commercial cleaning products containing artificial fragrances for decades, designed to make consumers believe that their homes and businesses are clean simply because of the scent they emit.

However, this is a misconception. Having a fragrant scent in the air does not equate to a room being truly clean. In actuality, there is no single smell that could be considered "clean," as the term only refers to how free an environment is from dirt and germs. When a space has been properly cleaned, there should be no trace of any odor at all - including artificial fragrances.

What's more, artificially scented cleaning products can often cause more harm than good by introducing toxins into the environment which can adversely affect respiratory health over time. Certain chemicals that are commonly used to create these scents can trigger allergies or cause headaches for those who are exposed regularly. In some cases, these substances can even contribute to asthma attacks or other serious illnesses which can've long-term implications for those affected - making them much worse off than before they decided to use these heavily-scented cleaning solutions in their home or workplace environment.

Therefore, it's important for both homeowners and business owners alike not to rely on artificially scented cleaning products as indicators of a truly clean home or office space. It's much safer (and healthier) in the long run to opt instead for natural cleansers like MamaSuds which serve just as well at removing dirt and grime without exposing occupants unnecessarily to potentially harmful chemicals found in heavily-scented commercial cleaners.

Overall, while it may seem like cleanliness comes hand-in-hand with certain smells - this is almost never the case; instead, opting for natural cleaners without artificial or "Plant-based" scents (always always choose unscented or pure essential oils) will ensure that your living and working spaces remain safe from germs without sacrificing your health in the process!