Why You Should Consider Native Plants for Your Home’s Landscaping
August 20, 2020

Why You Should Consider Native Plants for Your Home’s Landscaping

Summer is a popular time for homeowners to put significant amounts of time and energy into landscaping their yards. A beautifully landscaped yard can be a safe haven, a place to relax and unwind from the stresses of the day. Native plants can make your home’s landscaping as beautiful as possible; here are some reasons why.

Attract Native Wildlife

One of the best reasons to consider basing your home’s landscape around the native plants of your area is that native plants attract native wildlife. Your yard will provide a native habitat for hundreds of species of wildlife. You will be amazed at the beauty added to your life as you regularly interact with the native wildlife in your environment.

In almost every climate, there are species of wildlife who are endangered because of the loss of their native habitats. If you include native plants in your home’s landscaping, you can help remedy this problem and contribute to a healthy ecosystem. Additionally, your native plants will flourish because they provide a habitat for the pollinators they need.   

More Sustainable

Growing non-native plants is actually harmful to the environment. Non-native plants often require much more water and other specific environmental conditions than native plants. Native plants are far more sustainable than non-native plants that require a lot of water. Native plants preserve water while keeping your backyard green. If you grow native plants in your yard, you will be able to cut down on your water bills because you’re using water only when it’s really needed.

Save Time on Maintenance

Most homeowners are too busy to keep up on their landscaping full-time. In cases such as these, native plants offer an attractive solution. Because they have naturally grown in your environment, they have adapted to your local climate and its associated winds, temperature variations, soil conditions, and precipitation levels. Once they are established in your yard, these native plants will require much less care and maintenance than non-native plants. You won’t have to worry about constantly babysitting them, because they can flourish in the environment to which they have adapted.

As you plan your yard’s landscape, consider planting some plants native to your local environment. As you get to know the species local to your area, you will fall in love with their beauty. Your sense of wonder for the earth will grow once you see the native wildlife attracted to your landscape because of your native plants.

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