Easter Egg Hunt

MamaSuds East Egg Hunt


It's so easy to play!!


When you click on a product where an egg is hiding, you'll see a discount pop up


Jot down the code or take a screenshot, then keep searching - there are lots of discounts hiding


Be on the lookout for the Golden Egg - It's the very best discount of the bunch, but it can only be used by 3 people before it expires!!


When you've found the very BEST code, run go place your order


The search is on through Sunday at midnight EDT 


Pop ups will only appear if you are a MamaSuds Email List Member. 
If the pop ups are not working for you, clear your history/cache/cookies, or try using a different browser, or try logging into your account. 

Once the code disappears it will not reappear so make sure you write it down. No we won't be giving out codes.