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Private Labeling

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Are you interested in private labeling or white labeling services? MamaSuds is here to help!

Services Offered

  • White Labeling: using a customer’s label on an MamaSuds’ product and packaging
  • Private Labeling: filling an MamaSuds’ product or ingredient into a customer’s packaging

Filling projects require a complete formula and a sample of your packaging (boxes, bottles, tubes, caps, lids/pumps and labels) to produce an accurate quote.


MamaSuds’ minimum depends on the product, most items are 25 units per SKU. 

White Label Manufacturing Fees

White label filling projects require labels that have been approved by MamaSuds.  Deposit on white labeling filling projects is 60% of total project and must be paid before manufacturing will begin.

Private Label Manufacturing Fees

Private label filling project require labels that have been approved by MamaSuds. Private labeling filling projects must be paid in full before manufacturing will begin.


MamaSuds offers two options for product packaging – MamaSuds can source customer’s packaging at a 12% fee or customers can send MamaSuds specific packaging at no additional cost. For both scenarios, packaging must be present in MamaSuds’ facility before manufacturing of an order can occur. Manufacturing timelines are based on after product packaging is received by MamaSuds. In order to supply an accurate quote, packaging must be discussed, agreed upon and a sample sent to MamaSuds. Nearly any type of material will be accepted, but please keep in mind certain types of packaging and materials are subject to additional handling and shipping charges. 

Lead Time

Estimated lead times depend on a customer’s service, arrival of all customer’s components (packaging, labels, boxes, etc.) volume amount and bearing no natural disasters. 

  • White Label filling project 2-6 weeks
  • Private Label filling project 4-6 weeks 

MamaSuds would love to move forward as your manufacturer, we look forward to hearing from you to start the process!



Please contact us at or call us at 248-330-7911