12 ways to live a more sustainable life
July 25, 2017

12 Ways to Live a More Sustainable Life

12 ways to live a more sustainable life

12 ways to live a more sustainable life

1. Think before you shop and become and environmentally conscious consumer

2. Ditch the plastic water bottles

3. Speaking of water.... be water wise! Here are 100 Ways to Conserve Wise 

4. Eat less meat (Resources: Take Extinction Off Your Plate and Reducing Your Footprint 


incandescents vs LED

5. Reduce your household energy use by using the right lightbulb

6. Quit using ridiculous disposable products  

7. Support fashion brands that are ethical and environmentally conscious: LoomstatePatagonia, and Reformation are just a few you may want to check out

8. Use washable stainless steel straws instead of disposable plastic straws

9. Borrow books from the library instead of purchasing them directly or buy them used from a local used bookstore (now you're buying used AND local!)

10. Donate unused clothing and household items to The Salvation Army

11. Buy second-hand

12. Support local and indie businesses

How many of these do you already do? Which do you feel has the greatest impact?