3 Easy Fixes That Can Make Your Current Home More Sustainable
April 07, 2020

3 Easy Fixes That Can Make Your Current Home More Sustainable

When many people 'go green,' they usually go out and buy paper straws and reusable grocery bags to mark the beginning of their new lifestyle. While these are smart ways to ease into a more sustainable way of living, you can also make a few adjustments to your home. You can make it so your home runs more efficiently by reducing the amount of energy you're wasting and dramatically shrinking your carbon footprint. The following are a few tips on how you can do this.

Update Your Roof

High-quality roofing keeps a home secure and protected from damage. Therefore, replace your shingles if you notice they're curved, broken, or missing. While you work on your roof, check that your home is insulated properly. Check your attic and look for signs of mildew or moisture. If it's time to replace your home's insulation, fiberglass is a popular option. If you would like to use a more sustainable option, newspaper is a great possibility since it's made from recycled materials.

Draft-Proof Your Doors and Windows

Check to see whether the windows let in a draft. If they do, you have a couple of options. You can seal them by using a high-grade polyurethane caulk to cover any gaps. You can also invest in energy-efficient doors and windows, which will significantly cut down on the amount of heating and air conditioning leaving your home. Windows that are energy-efficient tend to be double glazed, which will also make your home feel warmer during those harsh winter months. For a quicker and more affordable option, consider investing in thermal-backed curtains instead.

Use Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs

This is another simple switch you can do overnight. However, you may want to wait until your current light bulbs are on their last legs before swapping them out with eco-friendly bulbs. Throwing out bulbs that work is unnecessary and wasteful, which is the complete opposite of the sustainability message. Eco-friendly light bulbs like LEDs are energy-efficient — but still make sure to turn the lights off when you're not using them.

Making the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle doesn't mean you have to empty your wallet in the process. These changes are practical to implement and can actually save you money in the long run. But best of all, you'll be doing your part in trying to reduce your carbon footprint, making the world a safer and more sustainable place to live.

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