October 27, 2020

3 Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready for the Winter

Winter is fast approaching, and with it cold, wet weather that can cause problems for your home. There's always plenty to do when it comes to maintaining your home. Some of those projects might be bigger and more complex. Others are quite simple, but no less important for it. Here are three tasks that fall into the latter category.

Replace Air Filters & Clean Your Furnace

No one wants to go without heat when it gets cold outside. Replacing your air filters regularly and cleaning your furnace before winter hits is important to helping it function properly. How frequently you should replace filters depends on the filter you're using and who is in your home. Homes with pets or people with allergies will benefit from changing filters more frequently. Every two to three months is usually advisable, and the process is quite simple. According to Molly Maid, cleaning your furnace is a little more involved, but still quite doable. Doing so will help cut down on the dirt and debris that would otherwise move through your system.

Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters help protect your home from precipitation and moisture that could otherwise damage your siding and foundation. Water isn't the only thing that gets in gutters though. Leaves, sticks, dirt, and even toys can find their way into gutters. If left unattended, they can clog them up and prevent your gutters from doing their job properly. This can cause water to spill over them and down your house, potentially causing water damage. Ideally, according to Comfort Solutions, your gutters should be cleaned twice a year. If your property has lots of trees though, you may need to clean them out more frequently.

Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

According to SELF, fires are more common in winter than any other time of the year. People are home more, turning up the heat, cooking, lighting candles, and more. All of these can contribute to house fires. Since smoke detectors are usually the first indicator of a house fire, it's vital to make sure they're working properly. While you're at it, test your carbon monoxide detectors too. Like house fires, carbon monoxide injuries tend to be more prevalent in winter. Colorless and odorless, you may not realize you've been exposed until it's too late without a properly working detector.

Getting your home ready for winter doesn't have to be difficult. Replacing your air filters and cleaning your furnace, cleaning out your gutters, and testing your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are easy tasks that can make a real difference in your experience this winter. Take action now before winter sets in to protect your home and stay warm and safe.

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