3 Things You Can Do to Help Your Pet Stay Healthy
September 30, 2020

3 Things You Can Do to Help Your Pet Stay Healthy

Keeping your pet healthy is a lot like keeping yourself healthy. Not only are many of the steps similar, but you should be in a habit of doing all these things consistently throughout your pet’s life.

Make Sure They Get Exercise

Helping your pet exercise regularly has the same benefits as exercising yourself every day. It’s a cycle, in a way. Exercising helps them stay happy and healthy, which then helps them exercise more, which then keeps them even happier and healthier. Start this habit with your pet as early as possible so that it will be easier for them (and you) to stay in the habit.

Exercise looks different for every pet (exercising your parrot isn’t going to look the same as a hamster) but there are a couple of general guidelines to consider. Make sure that your pet has enough space to exercise. This can mean taking your dog outside for a walk, creating a perimeter for your rabbit to run around in, or simply having a big enough living space for your pet. There are different toys and feeders for different pets that encourage physical activity and can help to get them moving.

Look Closely at Labels

Just like you would do for yourself, examine the labels for any treatments you give your pet. Different remedies have different side effects, and it’s important to know these side effects so you can know what is normal or what may be an emergency.

Do some research about the ingredients in remedies for your pets. Some ingredients can be harmful to animals. For example, pets receive benefits from CBD, but THC is very bad for them, so make sure you look closely at the remedy’s label. Find a veterinarian who you trust and can ask questions when you have them.

Monitor Their Food Intake

Having the right kind of food, right amount of food, and right number of feeding times for your pet is paramount. To stay healthy, you wouldn’t eat only garbage, so be careful when picking out your pet’s food. Check the ingredients and ask other pet owners about what has been best for their pet. Also be sure to always feed your pet the correct amount. It can be difficult for your pet to know when they should stop eating. Remember that size can be an important factor in determining how much to feed your pet.

Some pets have allergies or special dietary restrictions individual to them. Talk with a veterinarian about what that may look like for your dog and how to best avoid those foods. This will not only help keep them healthier and happier but leave you with fewer smelly messes to clean up.

Ultimately, the thing that will make the biggest difference in your pet’s life is your love for them. Sure—loving your pets influences your actions and how you care for them. But remember that they can feel your love, and they will love you right back.

Keeping your house clean is a necessity, but so is keeping your pet healthy and safe. Try some of our nontoxic household cleaning products that are safe for animals!