4 Surfaces You Probably Haven’t Cleaned in a While
November 06, 2019

4 Surfaces You Probably Haven’t Cleaned in a While

Keeping it clean doesn't stop at countertops, windows and the usual germ-accumulating suspects like toilets and sinks. For the deepest and most thorough cleanse, there are some surfaces that are absolute must-cleans that often get overlooked. Here are four important surfaces that you may be forgetting to clean.


The all-important dishwasher sanitizes your dishes making them safe to eat off of once again, but it is a frequently neglected appliance that doesn't often get a cleaning of its own. It's good to keep in mind that a clean dishwasher gives you cleaner dishes so making sure to give your dishwasher the care it needs inside and out ensures that your dishwasher will not only cleanse your dishes more efficiently, but it will also keep your dishwasher healthier for longer by preventing food buildup that could cause clogging issues.


Be sure to add your doorframes to your cleaning to-do list. Many people do not think to clean their doorframes, but dust can easily accumulate over time, causing irritation to those suffering from allergies. Neglecting to clean doorframes simply creates more settled dirt that can potentially affect your health, so regularly cleaning them reduces the amount of dust that settles and can be dispersed into the air if the door is opened and closed frequently.


Doorknobs are used often but are rarely cleaned. A doorknob can rapidly accumulate germs, so it's important to clean them frequently to prevent germs from spreading unnecessarily. Staying on top of the care of the doorknobs in your home decreases your chances of contracting a virus or other illness that can be spread through touching the same surface as a person with a contagious virus or infection.


Cleaning the exterior of your home is equally as important as the cleaning you do on its interior. Your driveway needs love too, and cleaning it regularly allows it to remain intact and reduces the number of cracks that unwashed driveways experience. Neglected driveways get more cracks than driveways that are cleaned regularly, so properly maintaining your driveway by recognizing its need to also be cleansed saves you time and money for repairs in the long run.

Cleaning the seemingly insignificant surfaces on the interior and exterior of your home keeps the smooth running of your house, your loved ones and yourself going strong. Incorporating the regular cleaning of surfaces that you may miss provides you with a cleaner, happier and healthier home.

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