5 Organizing Techniques to Get on Top of Your Home’s Clutter
November 16, 2018

5 Organizing Techniques to Get on Top of Your Home’s Clutter

Keeping yourself and your home clean is a big responsibility. We’ve got lots of products to help you take care of your cleaning needs. However, between busy work schedules, running errands, and taking care of the kids, it isn't easy to find the time to clean the house and also organize everything.

But believe it or not, doing tasks like these can actually help make everything else in your life become easier and more efficient. A good way to get started with it all is by applying the following five organization techniques.

Understand the Benefits

Trying to tackle the reorganization of an entire house can be overwhelming. As you start the process, it's important to focus on the many benefits that a minimalist approach can have on your lifestyle. Minimalist design creates less clutter, is easier to maintain, and creates more open space in your home. 

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Throw Things Out

The main reason that people have a disorganized house is that they don't realize that getting rid of junk you don't need is actually part of organizing. It can become impossible to keep track of everything when there is way too much stuff lying around.

In order to get past this problem, set up three boxes. One is for items that you want to keep. Another box is for items that can be donated, and the last box is for items that can be thrown away.

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Get Some Supplies

If needed, install additional shelving and storage space in your home so that you have a place to keep things organized. Organizational containers are a great starting point since they make it easier to keep things tidy by giving everything a designated “home.” The containers don't have to be expensive or fancy though. Shoe boxes, plastic bins, and resealable bags will do just as well as pricey items. If you're worried about the look of your storage containers and shelving, you can install decorative sliding doors to cover the space. These make it easy to tuck away your newly organized clutter. 

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Label Everything

Once all of your stuff is positioned where you want it to be, add labels to your containers. This will help you remember where each item is supposed to go. It also makes it easier for family members and friends to know how you want things to be organized.

The Daily Cleanup

The best way to keep things organized and tidy is by working on it on a daily basis. This can be done by always putting things back after they are used and reminding others to do the same thing. Some people find it helpful to have a specific time of the day that they straighten up all of their things. This helps ingrain the process into their daily routine as a habit.

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As you can see, conquering your home’s clutter isn't as hard as you think, especially if you apply these five techniques. But remember, it helps to have your family members or others who live with you on board for it to work best. Try having a meeting beforehand to come up with a plan that everyone can work on together.