bathroom items
October 23, 2020

Bathroom Items You Aren’t Replacing Often Enough

Bathroom items

When you think about the dirtier areas of your home, your bathroom might be one of the rooms at the top of your list. It makes sense, considering what happens in the bathroom. Even if you're a master at keeping your bathroom clean, there are probably some bathroom items you should be replacing more often.


Few things feel better when stepping out of the shower than wrapping up in a nice, warm towel. Once you're finished with it, it probably gets hung up to dry and left until the next time you need it. Doing this too often can be a mistake though. It's important to wash your towels regularly. This helps keep them clean and free of mold and bacteria. Over time, the constant use and washing can cause your towel to wear down. If you notice your towel developing tears or holes, it's probably time to repurpose them or just throw them out altogether.

Your Toothbrush

If you know much of anything about oral hygiene, you know it's important to brush your teeth every day. That's a lot of use out of your toothbrush. You should be replacing your toothbrush about every three months. Replacing your brush regularly helps minimize bacteria that gets in your mouth. You should also replace your toothbrush after being ill. If you have a cold, the flu, a sore throat, or a mouth infection, your toothbrush can accumulate even more germs.

Your Loofah

In addition to your towel, you probably frequently use a loofah or something to scrub your skin when you shower. Loofahs can be a nice way to exfoliate your skin. That said, all that dead skin and soap scum can really do a number on your loofah and make it susceptible to bacteria growth. To avoid scrubbing your skin with a dirty loofah, rinse it thoroughly and allow it to dry. It's a good idea to replace it every month or so to be safe.

It's easy to remember to clean the bathroom. After all, you tend to see visual reminders after a while. Your towels, toothbrush, and loofah, on the other hand, may not be getting replaced as frequently as they should. If you haven't replaced these or other items in your bathroom recently, it might be a good idea to take a look at them and see if any of them need to be switched out.

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