Can Castile Soap Replace Your Shampoo?
September 01, 2021

Can Castile Soap Replace Your Shampoo?

Using Castile Soap as Shampoo

The latest craze in the natural product space, castile soap– heralded as an all purpose cleaner–is being used to wash dishes, clean showers, brush teeth, and as a laundry detergent. The latest trend involves using the soap in place of your shampoo. But is this a good idea? Fanatics say yes.

The plant-based soap, derived from vegetable oil, most certainly can be used to wash your hair, but it does take time to transition from your everyday shampoo to castile soap. What do you need to know in order to make the switch? Here are a few things to consider when deciding if this trend is right for you.


Using Castile Soap as Shampoo – Warnings

Before jumping on the castile soap as shampoo bandwagon, be aware of the downsides so you can properly use the shampoo. If you have color-treated hair, it's likely to strip the color from your follicles, so you may want to stick with your color-safe shampoo. Likewise, if your hair tangles easily, be very careful using this concoction. Wash your hair from the top down and be sure to use a conditioner and detangler afterward. 

Pure castile soap goes a long way and is extremely alkaline. Dilute it with water before using it to protect your scalp and your hair. Use one tablespoon of soap and mix with one cup of water to get started. The soap will likely leave a residue on your hair, so rinse with a diluted acidic solution to remove that residue. Equal parts lemon juice and water or apple cider vinegar and water are recommended. Do not, however, mix the soap directly with the lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. If you remember from middle school science, acids and alkaline neutralize each other, so both the soap and the acid will become ineffective. 

Who Should Use Castile Soap as a Shampoo?

Castile soap can work well for most people to use as a shampoo. Consider trying it out if you:

  • Have the time to create the mixture and rinse properly, making sure you really get out all the soap. Run your hair under water for a good five minutes to clear out all the suds and residue from your hair.
  • Are looking for alternatives to "natural" shampoos.
  • Have easily irritated or sensitive skin.
  • Have the patience to try different techniques and ideas until you find one that works for you.

While castile soap can be good for all hair types and textures, it does take some time to find the right way to use it for your hair. 

Pure Castile Soap Benefits

Using castile soap as a shampoo certainly has its benefits. It's gentle, non-irritating, hydrating for both the scalp and the hair, and versatile. It's also biodegradable. This truly all-in-one soap is not limited to just being used as a shampoo. It can also be used throughout your entire beauty routine.

Some of the most common uses are toothpaste, mouthwash, hand soap, body soap, face wash, deodorant, shaving cream, makeup remover, and makeup brush cleaner. So if you don't like it as a shampoo, there are plenty of other options to try. 

While you can find a multitude of uses for castile soap, both as a beauty product and as a household cleaner, a lot of people prefer to use it as a shampoo. It's not 100% foolproof, and it takes a little trial and error and patience to find the best mixture and process for your hair. But it's well worth the time and the investment. 

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