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How Did I Get Here Part 6

Posted on November 10 2016

How did I get here?

In my previous post in this series I talked about how my husband started telling me I should sell the liquid soap and the laundry soap I was making from it to people outside of our family and friends. I had lots of doubt and thought he was crazy for thinking people would want to buy soap from ME.

Where does my story lead to next?

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So here is Part 6 in my series. My lovely techie husband set up a website for me. We did a few Mom 2 Mom sales. They were not successful.  I was not a very good salesperson. It was no loss for me, I knew it wouldn't work. Plus, I was teaching and was expecting our third baby so I didn't think I could have the time either.

Then on December 28, 2011 a lady named Dorothy from Colorado ordered a gallon of my laundry soap. I'll never forget that feeling. I actually cried in disbelief. Someone in COLORADO bought my soap? Get out! Later I received an email from her telling me that my soap was "such a blessing" to her 80 year old skin. She even called to tell me in case she didn't send her email correctly. She thought it was hysterical that my first order came from an old lady who could barely use the internet. From then on she called me to place her orders and we would chat. I loved it. It was because of Dorothy in Colorado that I forged ahead and went to the county and registered our business so that we were official on January 3, 2012.

The last time I talked with Dorothy was over two years ago. Her last order came from her daughter and she let me know Dorothy was ill. I frequently think about her and wonder how she is....

Dear Dorothy,

Thanks for being my first customer. I'll never forget you.

Love,  Michelle 

Update: I did find out Dorothy passed away in January 2016.  

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  • Wafa : December 26, 2017

    My God. Where do I start. I feel so much like you felt at 18! I’m 18 myself and GOD Dorothy placed her order on my birthday.. when i was 13 and miserable. Girl THAT is one hell of a coincidence. Or is it? I’m currently out of college. I atteneded day one.. I just knew I was not ready. I had/have health issues, but I just I did NOT know how much I could learn about my surroundings and taking care of my self throught-out this year! I decided I want to lose weight. I want to clear-up my mind and gather my self up from the residue of my past kid/teenage life. I realised during the past July that I was becoming allergic to the one hand soap I thought fit me best! It was not until October that I began digging into what “soap” is, because I was then becoming sensitive to a kind of shampoo I had used for an entire year. I then found a blogger who listed some top very safe hair products she uses herself. I bought them. They worked! Slowly then I started questioning myself about floor soap! Then laundry soap! That same blogger had mentioned your products. And here I am! I appreciate what you have gone through and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for every decision you made. I cant even remember much of the days Ive spent struggling to keep things clean and not get irritated, dry hands because of just soap! And I’d like to keep it that way.

    ~Have a Merry Christmas, and thank you again!❤️❤️❤️
    -Wafa (:

    PS:- My mom uses your body wash FOR her hair.. and for some reason, she says it works. She likes it! ???✨✨

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