How Should I Take My Supplements?
March 11, 2021

How Should I Take My Supplements?

Everyone is making sure their bodies are as healthy and strong as possible. Part of that means taking supplements, who can help with many bodily functions. These can be healthier in some instances than other options. While it’s not a good idea to stop taking your medication, for example, adding in supplements, with doctor’s approval, can also be beneficial. But, there are so many options! How should you take your supplements?


Pill form is perhaps the most common way to take supplements. This generally means something either compressed into a tablet or held within a capsule. Pill form is a great way to get many supplements into your body in condensed form, some of which you might not want to taste otherwise. Make sure you check with sources from outside of the manufacturer, such as your physician, to make sure you’re taking the supplements which are right for you, in the right amounts. Manufacturers work hard for their information to be accurate, but not every super-powered capsule is best for everybody.


Recently, many supplements have begun to be manufactured in gummy form! This is also highly concentrated medicine, even though it might look and taste like a candy. However, the great thing about gummies is that those whose bodies reject pills can often use them instead. Many options are available, from vitamin C gummies to Melatonin gummies for helping with sleep. Supplements like CBD come in gummy form, which gives them multiple benefits beyond the normal medicinal effects. The body processes gummy form medication differently and often it can be metabolized over a longer time-period as well.


Tinctures are available of many medicinal herbs and fungi. One benefit of tinctures is that they are often so potent that only a few drops will suffice. For example, for elderberry juice, you could need several tablespoons daily to boost immunity, but in tincture form, only five droplets might be required. This is space saving, calorie saving, and much easier to drop under the tongue. As ever, only use tinctures or extracts which have been cleared with your physician.

Remember, anything which is powerful enough to help bodies is powerful enough to harm if taken in the wrong amounts. Using supplements of all forms is a magnificent way to boost your immune system and help your overall health. Be smart and careful and be well!

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