How to Get Your Deck Ready for a Pressure Wash
January 28, 2020

How to Get Your Deck Ready for a Pressure Wash

You've worked hard to maintain a beautiful deck and getting it pressure washed will help to maintain that pristine appearance. However, you can't just have a professional come and start spraying. Well, you could, but you might not get the stunning results that you were hoping for. Here are a few steps you can take to prepare for a smooth pressure washing experience.

Move the Furniture

The first thing that you should do is move any furniture, plants, and other obstacles that may be on your deck. Don't leave this step up to the professional pressure washers because they may not secure your things in the way you'd prefer. Some outdoor furniture is more resistant to weather effects so you don't need to worry about keeping them covered. However, if you aren't sure about their weather-resistance, cover them to be on the safe side. When you move everything, make sure you move them a good distance away from the deck since the water can splash and travel pretty far.


To make the pressure washing more efficient, you should thoroughly sweep your deck beforehand. You might only need a light sweep. However, don't rely on the power of the pressure washing to completely get rid of dirt and debris. There may be some areas that can’t be reached or the debris may get trapped in a corner. Even worse, it could fly out and injure you or break something. Sweeping is a safety measure and will also make the washer’s job easier.

Scrub the Deck

You're probably wondering why you need to scrub the deck if you're going to have it pressure washed. Your deck may have grime, mold, or some other trapped substance. If the pressure washers turn the water pressure up higher than it needs to be, it will likely damage the wood. This is especially true if your deck is made from softwood. Before having your deck power washed, use a brush with natural fibers for the bristles, wet your deck with water and cleaner, and scrub away all that residue for the best power washing results.

Follow these simple steps to enhance a pressure washing job. They're very easy to do and even though scrubbing the deck may take a little extra effort, you'll be glad you did them. Doing so will save time and possibly money. And in the end, your deck will look as good as new!

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