Keep dirty air from circulating in your home
January 27, 2021

How to Prevent Dirty Air from Circulating in Your Home

Your home can be a haven from the world, but if the air in your house isn’t clean, it can cause major problems. By making sure your house is well ventilated and has good humidity levels, you can prevent dirty air from circulating and keep your health in check.

Remove Humidity

A little bit of humidity isn’t a big issue, but when your house is too humid, the air quality can go down. By using the fans in your kitchen and bathroom, you can cut down on humidity and clean up the air. Using a dehumidifier and even growing indoor plants can also help to decrease humidity and keep the air in check. Even replacing old carpet can help you to cut down on the humidity in your home and keep your air circulating without bringing problems through your ventilation system.

Clean Your HVAC

Everyone depends on their ventilation system, or HVAC, to keep their air circulating and keep the air quality high. But if you want your HVAC to be effective at keeping your air clean, you have to make sure it is clean itself. You should regularly vacuum the dirt and debris that gathers in your HVAC vents. In addition to vacuuming vents, you should also make sure that you are changing out air filters regularly so that your air quality can stay great. Dirty air filters only contribute to the circulation of unclean air, so stay on top of filter maintenance.

Make Sure to Vent to the Outside

With all of the vents you likely have in your house, from the dryer to the oven vent, you must keep your vents venting to the outside. Recycling air from your dryer and oven vents can lead to potentially dangerous gasses circulating in your home. Your house and your health should have external venting. This is a pretty small step that can do a lot for the air quality in your home and help to keep your family breathing easily every day.

Keeping the air quality in your house as good as possible is an important part of protecting the safety and health of your family. By taking small steps to improve air quality, you can make your home the safe and comfortable place it was always meant to be.

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