Outdoor patio upgrades for the summer
May 25, 2021

How to Reimagine Your Patio Area This Summer

Are you in the market for the perfect summer patio? Have you been dreaming of the warm summer nights surrounded by family and friends? Or maybe you’ve been looking to the barbeque parties after the football games? Even if you’re just looking forward to a quiet night to yourself in the backyard, these tips are just for you!

Add the Right Amount of Shade

Adding shade is a must if you’re planning your perfect summer patio. Usually, people gather on their patio to have a comfortable place to sit, eat, and talk. You want to make sure that you have sufficient shade so that your family or guests can be comfortable. There are many different options for shading, like large outdoor umbrellas, gazebos, pergolas, or adjustable roofing. Make sure to research different shading options and decide which will fit and look best in your space. Providing a shaded area will guarantee that you’ll want to be out on your patio morning, noon, and night!

Lay New Ground Material

When planning your patio, make sure that you think about what kind of flooring would look best in your patio space. From the simplest option of a concrete pad to the more intricate option of a wood deck with railing, there are many possibilities for your flooring and ground material. Using paving stones for a cobblestoned patio look has been one of the most popular options as of late. You can use accent stones in your paving to create a unique look. You should also consider how your patio flooring will endure in different weather conditions. While pretty much patio flooring options will get heated in the summer sun, you can top them with a cute outdoor rug to ensure that it doesn’t burn anyone walking around with bare feet.

Don’t Forget Décor!

One of the best parts of planning your dream patio space is adding personalized decorations. Boring pieces of functional outdoor furniture are totally transformed with a few throw pillows or blankets. Adding flower pots, succulents, or other easy-to-water plants is another fun idea. Last but not least, lighting always sets the perfect mood on a summer evening. Try hanging lanterns, draped lights, or even an outdoor heater when the nights get chilly. There are so many ways to add decorations to your patio to make it feel inviting.

After following these few suggestions, you should have a dreamy summer patio on your hands! Make sure to personalize each step so your space is perfect for your personality and lifestyle. Once you’ve taken the time to redo your patio area, make sure that you spend plenty of time enjoying the space that you’ve created!

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