How to Stop Being Embarrassed About Your Home
January 22, 2021

How to Stop Being Embarrassed About Your Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused so much stress and strain on everyone. Along with it, depression and anxiety disorders have caused a lack of motivation. Many have discovered that without people able to visit, clutter creep has set in. You might discover your home has slowly become less than presentable. So how can you stop being embarrassed about how your home looks?

Remove Clutter

Americans often own too much stuff. Every square foot of space you inhabit, whether rented or owned, is at a premium! Using it to store things you don’t use, love, or need is not just wasting space, though. It also wastes your time moving clutter around. Your home becomes easier to clean and maintain when you get rid of extraneous things. When in doubt, begin in one room with a small plastic shopping bag. Glance around quickly and see what trash and unused items you are sick of seeing. There will always be something!

Get Rid of Bad Smells

Often, you can’t smell your own home, because you’re so accustomed to the way it smells. If you have animals and children who have been constantly home, you should consider finding a good cleaning service for odor control. Odors hide deep in fabrics, carpets, upholstered furniture, and other soft things like curtains. If you have a lot of pets, you might need more regular odor removal services.

Let Go of Shame

The easiest way to begin to address messes is to realize that you’re not the only one who has them, and not the only one trying to get rid of them. Try to see your world with kindness and compassion. Sometimes, taking pictures of an area can help an individual to see what things need to be changed, as viewing the image can point out what is out of place or not useful anymore. Pretty soon, you can take “after” photos!

You can get your home back to “visitor” condition, but always remember that you are the one for whom your home should be a peaceful space. When your home is fresh and odor-free, and clutter is removed, it’s easier to have a peaceful existence in your own spaces. You’ll be ready to progress into 2021!

Having a clean home is a great way to not be embarrassed about it. Make it sparkle with our all-natural household cleaning products!