How to Thicken Your Soap
September 24, 2020

How to Thicken Your Soap

Are you interested in making your MamaSuds Castile Soap thicker for your hand soap or body wash? 

We take our ingredients very seriously here at MamaSuds and we take the approach to use the least amount of ingredients we can use to make a product effective.

Could we make our soap slightly thicker?


Could we do it with a safe ingredient?


So why don't we? We make a big drum of Castile Soap to use to fill our castile soap products (Castile Soap, Body WashHand Soap) but we also use it to make our other liquid products (Laundry Soap, All-Purpose Cleaner, Concentrate, and Fine Linen Soap). These products don't need thickening so we choose to leave our Castile Soap as naked as possible. 

If you are finding that your Hand Soap or your Body Wash is a little runny for your taste, we have a simple solution for you! 

Add Salt to your Castile Soap


1.) Pour 8 ounces of MamaSuds Castile Soap in a separate container
2.) Heat 1 ounce of water (distilled is best) 
3.) Dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of kosher salt in the heated water
4.) Slowly pour a small amount of the salt solution in the soap WHILE you are stirring the soap*.
5.) Pour your thickened soap into the container of your choice. 

*You may not need to add the entire solution to the soap. Be very careful while pouring, if you add too much salt solution to soap it will cause a chemical reaction and the soap will curdle.