Mark Your Calendars
August 14, 2017

Mark Your Calendars

Celebrate a whole NEW MamaSuds!

MamaSuds has a whole NEW look! It's been months of research and many more months of designing (thank you RowanMade) and we are ready to launch our brand new look.

Hold up- I want to reassure you that even though we've changed the packaging, the product itself.... the inside stuff, the ingredients- it hasn't changed at all. It's still fresh, pure, clean and truly safe. We now have the packaging to match! 

Our LAUNCH date for the NEW MamaSuds website is
Wednesday, August 23, 2017. 
But you won't have to wait for that date. YOU will get special early bird 🐦 shopping an entire day early.  A special password will be sent to you to enter our new site and get it first. Plus, our old packaging will be available at first-come first-serve prices! 

Dates to remember:

Monday August 21: BLACK OUT DAY
coinciding with Solar Eclipse Day 🌑, the MamaSuds website will be "under construction"
Tuesday August 22: Early Bird 🐦 Shopping
A private password will be emailed to those on our Email List: they will get to shop a day early and receive special pricing on our old packaging.
Wednesday August 23: NEW MamaSuds site will be LAUNCHED 🚀 
The new site will be open to the public 🌿

In just a few more days we'll be announcing a BIG giveaway and begin unveiling our New MamaSuds Collection!


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