Pests, Toxins, and You: What to Know
August 12, 2019

Pests, Toxins, and You: What to Know

There’s nothing more unpleasant than having unwanted visitors in the form of pests in your home. Whether you’re dealing with fleas or bed bugs inside your dwelling or ants, spiders or grubs on its exterior, you are probably looking for ways to force them to another location. Common pesticides can be effective, but these products typically contain toxins that make them very dangerous to use. In many cases, these dangers persist well past the application process. You don’t even want to come into contact with them after the fact. Let’s talk more about pests, toxins and what you need to know in order to keep yourself safe.

Dangers of Pests

It’s a nuisance to have pests in your home, but there can be bigger problems associated with them. For example, there are bugs that can carry disease. When they bite you, they can make you quite sick. If you have fleas in your home, they could be feeding off your pet. If this goes on for too long, the pet can become anemic to a life-threatening degree.

Toxins and You

There are various pest control products available. What you choose really depends on the type of pest that you are trying to get rid of. Remember, however, that conventional toxins become less effective on pests as time goes on. It’s important for you to use materials that will work on resilient pests, but the substance shouldn’t harm you. While a product might claim to be perfectly safe for adults, children, and pets, you can’t guarantee that to be true, especially if you’re using strong and toxic chemicals. 

What Should You Use?

Fortunately, there are many natural pest repellents that you can use in your home and on your property. Many different essential oils repel insects. You can use these natural sprays in the home around baseboards, on the carpet and around windows and doors. You can also utilize spray bottles that attach to the hose, which will allow you to distribute the substance all over your yard. This will cut down on your pest population.

If you’re not sure what type of pest product you should be using in your home, you can speak with a conscientious pest control specialist in your area. They will be able to give you a safe recommendation that will be effective on even the most resilient pests. Once you have the problem under control, it will be easier to prevent a future problem from occurring again.

It’s important to limit the number of toxins and chemicals that enter your house. That’s why MamaSuds creates natural vegan soaps and household cleaners; so that you can create a safe and clean home for the people you love!