Proven Ways To Remove Mold In Your Home Without Bleach
April 23, 2018

Proven Ways To Remove Mold In Your Home Without Bleach

47% of households in the USA have dampness or mold problems, according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Science. Mold in a home is a nuisance, due to its musty odor and unappealing appearance. Exposure to mold and damp environments may cause a variety of health problems, such as throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, coughing or wheezing and even skin irritation. Children are even more susceptible to mold-related infections. Chemical options to get rid of the mold, such as bleach are effective, but toxic when mixed with other household cleaning agents. Instead, opting for a safer option like a vegan handmade all-purpose cleaner for removing mold, is not only environmentally conscious but also gentle to your hands and non-toxic.

Nonetheless, you can clean mold using everyday products that are just as safe. Below are proven ways to get rid of mold in your home without bleach.

Tea tree oil

The ideal conditions for the growth of mold as a fungus include damp, poorly lit and poorly ventilated surfaces. Tea tree oil is a natural fungicide which makes it the ideal cleaning agent for areas infested with mold. Other medicinal benefits of tea tree oil prove that it is not only good for cleaning mold, but also as a safe household cleaner and for eczema - a mold-related allergy. This essentially means it is good for your skin or people with allergies and asthma. Cleaning mold using tea tree oil also leaves your home with a sweet medicinal fragrance. Spray a mixture of 10 drops of tea tree oil and water on the surface and wipe after it sits for a while.

Vinegar or vodka

Vinegar is a natural antimicrobial and antioxidant substance, whose acetic acid has a pH of 2.4. Such a pH level makes it ideal for cleaning mold, as a more acidic substance gets rid of a less acidic one. Vodka is also another common natural solution for getting rid of mold, though more alkaline than vinegar. Grabbing a cheap bottom shelf bottle works the best, making it less expensive. For either of the two, you want to pour them pure into a spray bottle, spritz over the mold surface, let it sit for a while and clean with a sponge. Spraying the surface after cleaning without wiping it off should permanently get rid of the mold problem. While at it, you should also learn a bit more about DIY cleaning with vinegar in your home.

The best way to permanently rid your house of mold is to identify the actual cause and curb its thriving conditions. Cleaning and drying those damp surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, getting rid of stale foods, and getting a dehumidifier should prevent hyphae from spreading. If you already have mold, then a bottle of tea tree oil, vinegar or vodka should clean just fine.


Contribution by freelance writer Sally Preston