So You Have a Bug Problem: What Next?
August 24, 2018

So You Have a Bug Problem: What Next?

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Do you have an infestation growing in your home? Here are six tips that can help you rid your home of outbreaks, and keep them away for the foreseeable future.

1) Get a Professional

You should hire someone who is going to take care of your problem the right way. Create a shortlist of professionals in your area. Go through the list and see who has the most experience. Call them and arrange an interview. It is better to know the people you hire before they do the job. That way you know what you are getting into and how soon they can get to your home. Check to make sure what methods they use to eliminate the pests, check to see if their pesticides are eco-friendly and won’t pose a risk to your family or the world around you.

2) Prevent Entry

Block every entryway you can find, including windows, doors, and open screens. Take some caulk. Fill in the cracks in the walls. Do you have any broken screens? Patch them up because bugs can get in that way. The best offense is a great defense. By reducing the chance for bugs to enter your home, you are reducing the chance of some serious health risks to you and your family.

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3) Check For Standing Water

Standing water can be a problem. Take care of any leaks you have in your pipes, drains, even your backyard. Taking proper care of your home plumbing can go a long way toward ensuring that you don't have standing water in your home. The less standing water you have, the more you reduce your chances of the bugs getting in. Remove their breeding ground.

4) Clean Up Messes

Do you really want to be cleaning up a cesspool of flies on the counter? Finish the apple that is lying on the counter. Any half-eaten pieces of fruit is an open invitation to flies and other bugs. You can dump it down the garbage disposal or throw it in the trash.

What about those old meat scraps you need to throw away? Wait until you know the trash is getting picked up and then throw away the garbage. Your community dumpster is an open invitation to mosquitoes and other insects. The bugs come back when they know there is more.

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5) Wipe Down Anything Coming Inside

Did your kids leave toys lying around the backyard again? Bugs love things that have been left alone for a while. Wipe them down first after you spray them with MamaSuds All Purpose Cleaner, then bring them inside. Bugs love dirt. They will attach themselves to something when they know there is more.

Your home is a sanctuary. You need to keep it that way. You will keep the insects down to a minimum if you follow any one of these tips. Call a professional for help with the larger issues.