Starting Spring Cleaning? Do Some Spring Cleaning for Your Body, Too
May 08, 2019

Starting Spring Cleaning? Do Some Spring Cleaning for Your Body, Too

Coming out of hibernation often means that you get the desire to clean out your life so that you can start fresh. Usually, that means cleaning and organizing your house. But spring cleaning your body is also important. Below, you will find 3 ways to spring clean your body so that you feel brand new.

Get Lots of Sunshine

The first thing you can do to restore your body after the harsh winter months is go out and enjoy the sun. Sunlight Institute explains that exposure to sunshine can increase the amount of serotonin in your brain. That’s important because serotonin is the happy chemical your brain produces. Sunlight triggers your body to produce serotonin, which can help boost your mood and get you that happy feeling. Sunlight also helps your body create vitamin D, which keeps your bones healthy. Sunshine has even been proven to help with other conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. Yet when going out to get the much-needed rays of sunlight, be sure to always wear sunscreen.

Take a Detox Supplement

Another way to spring clean your body it to go through a healthy detox. Supplements like milk thistle, magnesium, and selenium can help regulate and detox the body. These usually come is proprietary blends that mix these supplements together for the best results. Redox is another kind of supplement good for detoxing. This supplement is made of botanicals, berries and fruit, and vitamins. ASEA suggests that taking a redox supplement can improve immune function, recalibrate the body's natural inflammatory response, support cardiovascular health, and stimulate digestive enzyme production. As always, be sure to check with your doctor before taking any supplement.

Switch to Natural Body Products

Last, switching to natural body products can give you that spring refresh you need. Most common shampoos, soaps, and cleaners contain unnatural ingredients such as sodium laureth sulfate, propylene glycol, siloxanes, petrochemicals, and many more. And that’s on top of all the fragrance and color dyes that they contain. These ingredients can affect your hormones, disturbing them from working right. However, there are a ton of natural beauty products out there that don’t contain any of these harmful ingredients. Safe body wash, shampoos and soaps, skip the dyes, parabens, and chemicals that can clog up your body.

Getting outside and feeling the sun on your skin, going through a simple detox, and switching to all-natural body products will help your spring clean your body and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.