Ways to Maximize Your Storage When You Have a Smaller Home
February 26, 2020

Ways to Maximize Your Storage When You Have a Smaller Home

Smaller homes are charming, cozy and beautifully simplistic. However, they can be challenging when you wish to comfortably fit all of your stuff into them, especially if you're trying to do it in a way that feels tidy and organized. Fortunately, there are numerous storage solutions for small homes that don’t require building a pricey addition or buying a larger house. In fact, you can usually utilize the space and furniture you already have. Here are three ways you can maximize the storage space in your little house.

Garage Storage

If your small home has a garage, then you’re probably already using the space for storage. Bicycles, tools, gardening equipment and eco-friendly cleaning supplies are just a few things people store in this area, but how well-organized is your garage? You can reap the benefits of an overhead garage storage system for even more storage space. By adding such a system, you can maximize the storage space in your garage and stop feeling as though you're drowning in clutter.

Under the Bed

The only things under most people’s beds are dust bunnies and the occasional dirty sock. However, the vast untapped space under-the-bed is also a great place for storage. Some bed frames are constructed with built-in storage, but if that isn't the type you own, you can still utilize the space underneath it. Many small house owners opt to put risers on the legs of the bed to raise it a few inches off the ground. This maximizes the storage space beneath the bed and even frees up enough room to place plastic storage bins or compact shelving units underneath.


Some of the most underutilized areas in houses of all sizes are the surfaces of the walls. Adding shelves to your small house will give you additional storage space. Storing things on the walls means you’ll have more free space on the ground and on other surfaces like tables and countertops. Free-standing bookshelves are a great option, but floating shelves make the room look bigger. In small rooms like bathrooms or laundry rooms, triangular corner shelves are perfect.

Even little houses have big storage potential. By cleverly reimagining the space you already have, you can create new storage areas without breaking the bank. You can start off by adding a garage storage system, floating shelves, and under-the-bed storage, but there are many more exciting storage hacks for clever homeowners who love their small houses.

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