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Which is better: Hand Sanitizer or Soap?

Posted on April 22 2020

What’s better: Hand Sanitizer or Soap?
We create and sell both (hit up the hand sanitizer page!), and believe in both.
But, hands down, we support the power of SOAP!
True, effective SOAP.
Hand Sanitizer is great when you’re out and about, on the go, at the park, on the playground, in a pinch. But it doesn’t attach to the germs on your hands and rinse them away.
Only SOAP does that. Hand sanitizer is better than nothing. Hear us loud and clear there.
But washing your hands (yes, for at least twenty seconds) with real SOAP is the only way to rinse those germs off your hands.
Don’t overlook the power of a good hand washing session with a good bottle of effective soap. Especially right now.
It’s time to stock up. And, probably time to go wash your hands right now, too. Go, go! And then stock up on our Hand Soap. 👊🏼


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