Why I chose Cloth Diapers
June 07, 2017

Why I chose Cloth Diapers

Since I had kids I have changed a lot. I think most people can relate to that sentence. But I often think about how pre-kids Michelle and post-kids Michelle would probably not be friends. Just the thought of these two personalities in the same room together makes me laugh. There is no way pre-kids Michelle would even recognize herself 10 years later.

Okay, enough talking about myself in the third person.

When I first heard about cloth diapering I scoffed at the idea. In fact, I am pretty certain I was repulsed. I remember someone showing me the “new” cloth diapers (probably an AIO: all in one) and thinking: why would you use that when you can just throw a disposable out?

I can’t pinpoint what exactly made me decide to check into cloth diapers. But what bothered me about disposables was the time it took for them to decompose. I have read everything from 250 years to more than 500 years. And you can’t recycle disposables. It's very disturbing to me to think about how many diapers I used with my oldest, then multiply that by multiple kids, multiple families.... I just can't comprehend it. 

 Using cloth diapers, even part-time, is extremely eco friendly and economical. Not to mention they are really cute too! 

Molly in cloth diapers

 I used cloth full time with my middle daughter, using disposables for just a week when we went on a trip. But with my third daughter, I had the hardest time finding anything that would not leak at night. I spent a lot of money trying to find the answers to dry pajamas and sheets, but I didn't find anything (this was 5 years ago), so I did do disposables at night with her. 

I wish there were better options back then for disposables, but there really weren't many choices.....

Now though? There are many good options and a few great options. Check out this company, called Poof that makes completely biodegradable diapers AND wipes! Hooray for innovation! 


Poof biodegradable diapers

How was your experience with cloth? I'd love to hear!