Bathroom Cleaning Chores You Should Do More Regularly
February 17, 2021

Bathroom Cleaning Chores You Should Do More Regularly

Ideally, being in the restroom can be a spa-like experience, with soft colors and peaceful lighting. This, however, requires maintenance and remembering to take care of it. Understandably, right now you have a lot on your mind! Pandemic is stressful, and you need peaceful spaces more than ever. Which bathroom cleaning tasks should you be doing more often than usual?

Clean Your Tub or Shower

Chances are, your tub, like most people’s could use a good scrubbing. Ideally, your shower and tub should get a good scrub down every other week. Your bathroom is host to many bacterial combinations, with e.coli being one of the prime issues. Other than the bacterial issue, a clean tub is nicer to look at, and less likely to be filled with mold and soap scum, both of which can be slippery. Using a good abrasive sponge, like a walnut scrubber sponge, and an all-purpose spray (ahem.... MamaSuds!) is essential, along with washing inner shower curtains often.

Unclog Your Drain

Nobody wants to shower while standing in six inches of filthy water. You avoid water flow problems by unclogging your drain regularly. Especially if your whole household uses one restroom, cleaning out the drain monthly is a great plan. There are specialty tools available that go into the drain and pull out the gunk stuck inside. It’s a gross job, but the benefits are great- less soap scum, no water backup, and fewer bugs climbing into your home from drain pipes.

Fresh Toilet Means Love

Look: nobody likes cleaning a toilet. It’s just not the most fun task, and getting down on the floor to do it can be complicated for some people as well. However, it’s a critical, weekly task, especially during flu season! Your toilet functions several important tasks, all of which are not the cleanest jobs in the house. Making sure they’re fresh and not disgusting to use is a kindness to yourself, and all who live in the house. Plus Mamasuds Toilet Bombs make the job safe for anyone to clean them!

Whether you’re entertaining guests or (right now) not, having a sparkling clean bathroom can help you to feel more secure. If you need help, so do many others! Call in experts to assist you to care for tasks you have no time to do, and they can help you make sure your home is prepared for whatever life brings.

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